Alumni Insights – List of Attending Alumni

This grid is an at-a-glance list of the attending professionals.  Check back often – additional alumni will be added through early March!

The categories are general types of positions they hold within a variety of businesses, non-profits, and government. However many of them can talk about a diverse set of related positions, as well.

Learn more about these professionals on the career fair mobile device app!  On the Event Info page, change events to Alumni Insights and click on the Professionals icon at the bottom for a list you can filter, sort, favorite and more.

Name and Job Title/sCommunications / ArtsBusiness / Finance
Education / Public Service / Human ServicesLife Sciences / HealthSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math)Graduate School
Amy Nelson - CEO, Point West Credit Unioncheck
Amy Shelly - Associate Director, Digital Content & Strategy, University of Portlandcheck
Benjamin Cabral - Account Manager, Reddawaycheck
Bill Hueffner - Director Director of Acquisition and Talent Development, Pacific Seafoodcheck
Briana Rossi - Member Materials Marketing Coordinator, Providence Health Planscheck
Chantelle Petrone Marker - Senior Recruiter, Saint Martin's Universitycheck
Frances Pimentel - Graphic Designercheck
Hailey McLaughlin - Consultant, Multnomah Groupcheck
Isaac Ciula - Assistant Controller, Portland Trailblazerscheck
Kate Ludgate - Recruitment Advisor, Oregon State Universitycheck
Matt Sutherland - Project Engineer, I&E Constructioncheck
Melissa Harteloo - Donor Engagement Officer, Legacy Health check
Paulette Selman - School Psychologistcheck
Renee Eaton - CEO, RapidMadecheck
Roger Hodge II – Senior Financial Advice Specialist, COUNTRY Financialcheck
Susan Olson - Professor, Molecular and Medical Genetics, School of Medicine, OHSUcheck
Wesley Dawn - Recruitment Consultant, ODOTcheck

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