Alumni Insights – List of Attending Alumni

This grid is an at-a-glance list of the attending professionals.  The categories are general types of positions they hold within a variety of businesses, non-profits, and government. However many of them can talk about a diverse set of related positions, as well.

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Name and Job Title/sFinancial Analysis / Financial PlanningSales / Entrepreneurship
Strategy /
Programs / HR
Communications Marketing / Brand ManagementSTEM / Research EducationMedicine / Healthcare
Ashley Mumm - Owner, Ashley Mumm Marketing LLCcheck
Benjamin Cabral - Account Manager, Reddawaycheck
Benny Kuo - Product Marketing Manager, CRUcheck
Chris Scheffler - Graduate Student, Department of Defense Scholarshipcheck
Dillon Daniel-Hoffman – Mathematics Teachercheck
Emily Thompson - Consumer Collecting Specialist, RedBullcheck
Ginny Gray - Career Development Services HR Manager, Intelcheck
Hanako Imber - Data and Implementation Manager, CloudMed Solutionscheck
Isaac Ciula - Assistant Controller, Portland Trailblazerscheck
Kelly Vanderwal – Program Director, NIKE, Inc.check
Marguex Gala - Co-Owner, Tea Hunter Companycheck
Paulette Selman - School Psychologistcheck
Roger Hodge II – Senior Financial Advice Specialist, COUNTRY Financialcheck
Sarah Mader - Assistant Laboratory Manager Department of Anesthesiology and Preoperative Medicine, OHSUcheck
Susan Olson - Professor, Molecular and Medical Genetics, School of Medicine, OHSUcheck

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