Pacific University and University of Portland co-host this event at the University of Portland
March 20, 2020 at the Chiles Center on the University of Portland campus.
No. All undergraduate students are invited as well as alumni of the host schools who have graduated within the past ten years.
Typically between 300 and 500 students participate in the First Avenue Career Expo. In 2019 we had 411 students in attendance.
Yes. Many students will be at the Expo seeking these positions.
There will be many soon-to-be graduates and recent alumni seeking full-time career positions.

Please click the Recruiters tab and scroll down for complete fee information.  Fees are subject to change each year.

A buffet lunch is provided.
Each organization will be provided a 6 foot table with a tablecloth. We kindly ask that larger booths and displays, including those needing electricity, be saved for a different event.

A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available.  Sponsors receive additional benefits such as choosing their preferred booth location, several points of enhanced visibility, an opportunity to invite registered students to your booth and more. Please contact the event coordinator at if you are interested.

You will be asked for your opportunities during the registration process. A link to your organization’s website and a general list of job types available will appear within your profile on the mobile app and website. Attendees are encouraged to visit your booth explore your openings further.
Yes. You are encouraged to participate even if your company does not currently have any job openings. This is a great opportunity to connect with students to build a pipeline.
OLAPC stands for Oregon Liberal Arts Placement Consortium. It is a cooperative organization founded in 1989 to enhance the career services offered by member/hosting institutions. The primary goal of the consortium is to organize the annual First Avenue Career Expo.
March 20, 2020 at the Chiles Center at the University of Portland.
See your Career Services office to find out about transportation options.

In January, install the free career fair app which is the complete source for career expo information.   Click the link for your device: iOS or Android.    The app includes:

* Complete organization listing with profiles

* Filtering capability to search for the kind of opportunity you want

* Interactive floor plan (posted the week of the event) to plan your route

* Ability to take notes, mark favorites, and track which companies you visit

* Event listing for your school’s advising / prep sessions and resume workshops

* Announcements for real-time updates

* Tips section including what to wear, how to impress recruiters, and more!

You can also check the link on the sidebar for attending organizations and graduate schools. These are updated frequently as organizations register so check back often.

Over 1500 local, regional and national companies are invited to attend this event. If you don’t see a specific one it may be for any one of a number of reasons such as no current openings, not recruiting via career fairs, or not hiring into entry-level or internship positions. Please contact your school’s career services office for tips on how to connect with a particular organization if they are not attending.
No. Many companies are nationwide, some worldwide. If you are interested in different locations, talk to the recruiter at the fair and find out how to learn about such opportunities.
Full-time, entry-level positions, internships, and summer jobs. Graduate and professional schools also attend to publicize their programs.
WAIT! Look deeper before making that judgment. Most recruiters hire for a variety of positions from many disciplines, despite the industry of the organization itself! Even if you are looking for something completely different, you can still ask to be connected to the person with hiring power for the department you’re interested in.

No.  All undergraduate and graduate students of the host schools and alumni of these schools who graduated within the past ten years.  You will find recruiters hiring for internships, volunteer experiences, and summer work too.

We offer online pre-registration beginning approximately 2 months before the event.  You also can register at the door on the day of the Expo. Registration and student ID proving attendance at one of the host schools is needed to enter the Expo.  Alumni must pre-register.

Typically pre-registration ends the week of the Expo. You may register at the door if you miss online pre-registration.

This event is FREE to attend and includes a buffet lunch!

No. You are free to come and go within the times the fair is being held. However, there are many great organizations to connect with and you won't want to miss the Alumni Insights mini session from 1:00-2:00, so prepare to stay if possible.
Bring plenty of resumes, as well as your mobile device with the career fair app. Make sure your resumes are copied onto resume paper. Also, bring a folder or portfolio with your resumes so they’ll stay fresh along with any paperwork you collect from recruiters.
You want to make a strong first impression. Employers are impressed by professional attire: collared shirts, blouses, ties, dress shoes, sport coats, suits, dress slacks, skirts, sweaters, etc. Want to know if your planned attire works? Your career services office can help!

Yes! Here are three:

1.  Review the list of organizations on the app.  You can filter the list by job type, jobs available, industry and more.  Click into their profile and their website to learn more.  That way when you speak with the recruiter you will stand out as someone who is a serious candidate. Also, have some questions prepared to ask them. Your objective is to have an intelligent, seamless, interesting conversation with the employer.

2.  Another way to prepare is to think about how you’re going to sell yourself.  The app contains a list of ways to impress the recruiters and how to create and practice an “elevator speech” –  30-60 second “commercial” about you that explains who you are, why you’re interested in the organization and what you can do for them.

Remember, employers are much more interested in what you can do for them rather than what they are going to do for you.

3.  Use the “Events” tab on the app to find a prep session or resume workshop at your campus Career Services or Career Development office.  They are happy to provide additional resources to assist you in preparing for the fair.

Introduce yourself and tell them why you are interested in their organization. Have questions prepared beforehand that show you have taken the time to research their organization. However, recruiters also welcome you to stop by their booth if something catches your eye that you haven't researched in advance!
Find out when they will be hiring. Keep in touch with the organization through emails or on social media. You can even invite the recruiter to coffee at some point after the Expo. Let him or her know that you are very interested in working with them when an opportunity arises.
Absolutely! Be sure to send thank-you and follow-up notes as needed. Such notes remind employers of your interest and enthusiasm and help them to keep you in mind. Be sure to attend any follow-up programs offered by your career center, while using the assistance of these staff in pursuing your career options.
All registered participants are invited to the buffet lunch. There are also many food establishments within a mile of campus, including the Pilot House (a dining area on campus offering a variety of foods to-go just a five minute walk from the Chiles Center).