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Organization*Primary* (not only)
Job Cluster
Summer, Temporary or Part-Time JobSpecific
(ALL if not specified)
checkAlbertina KerrEducation, Public Service, Human Servicescheck
checkPacific SeafoodBusiness, Financial Services, Logisticscheck
checkI&E Construction, Inc.Sciences, Technology, Mathcheckcheckcheck
AdpearanceArts, Communications, Entertainmentcheckcheck
Bethesda Lutheran CommunitiesLife Sciences, Healthcheckcheck
Camp Yakety YakEducation, Public Service, Human Servicescheckcheckcheck
Cascadia Behavioral HealthcareLife Sciences, HealthcheckPsychology, Sociology, Social Psychology, sociology, social work, behavioral science
Catholic CharitiesEducation, Public Service, Human Servicescheckcheck
Central City ConcernEducation, Public Service, Human Servicescheckcheck
College PossibleEducation, Public Service, Human Servicescheck
Hidden Valley CampEducation, Public Service, Human Servicescheck
Janus Youth ProgramsEducation, Public Service, Human ServicescheckPsychology, Sociology
KivaBusiness, Financial Services, Logisticscheckcheckcheck
Meals on Wheels PeopleEducation, Public Service, Human Servicescheckcheckcheck
Oregon Home Care Commission/DHSEducation, Public Service, Human Servicescheck
Oregon Secretary of State Audits DivisionBusiness, Financial Services, Logisticscheckcheck
Pacific Office AutomationBusiness, Financial Services, Logisticscheckcheck
PlayworksEducation, Public Service, Human Servicescheckcheck
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health CenterLife Sciences, Healthcheckcheck
Washington County DA's OfficeEducation, Public Service, Human Servicescheckcheck


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