The Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University

The Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University (JST-SCU) is a theological school faithful to the intellectual tradition and the apostolic priority of the Society of Jesus: reverent and critical service of the faith that does justice. As such, JST-SCU shares Santa Clara’s strategic commitment to a Jesuit education grounded in an engaged pedagogy for the formation of leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion.

JST-SCU achieves its mission primarily through the academic, pastoral, and personal formation of Jesuits and other candidates for ministry, ordained and lay, in the Roman Catholic Church. As an Ecclesiastical Faculty of Theology, it prepares men and women to serve the Church as scholars and teachers. It fulfills this mission in the ecumenical and interfaith context of the nine-member Graduate Theological Union and the adjacent University of California at Berkeley.

JST-SCU is specifically committed to the preparation of Jesuits and others for ordination to the Roman Catholic priesthood, the preparation of men and women for varied forms of ministry in the church, the advancement of theology through scholarly contributions to academy, church, and society, and the theological, spiritual, and personal renewal of those already engaged in ministry.

JST-SCU discharges its apostolic commitments by means of its critical fidelity to the Roman Catholic tradition, its attentiveness to the cultures shaping the church in a pluralistic world, its special concern for ministry with Latino communities, its skillful use of socio-cultural analysis and theological reflection in all apostolic endeavors, and its commitment to full partnership and mutuality between women and men in church and society. It accomplishes these commitments through its academic programs, sabbatical program, outreach programs, summer institutes, and financial aid programs which are designed for direct engagement with the local Church in the Bay Area, the global Catholic Church, and other religious and cultural communities. In these ways, JST-SCU seeks to read the signs of the times in order to proclaim the gospel of Christ effectively and to promote God’s work of justice and peace in a rapidly changing global context.

Recruiting for the following graduate programs:  The Master of Divinity, the Master of Arts in Theology, and the Master of Theological Studies


1735 LeRoy Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709

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