Kathryn Hickok – Publications Director / Non-Profit Director

Kathryn works for the Cascade Policy Institute, a non-profit think tank, and holds two positions:  Publications Director, as well as Director, Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland (one of the Cascade Policy Institute’s projects).

The job categories best describing her current role is:

  • Events / Projects / Programs
  • Planning / Policy
  • Writing / Editing

Three skills essential to success in her roles are:strong oral and Written communication skills
Attention to detail
Ability to envision the big picture over long timeframes

Alma Mater and Area/s of Study:

University of Portland

Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in French.

About Kathryn:

She coauthored “15 Leadership Principles and Ronald Reagan: Use Them to Change Your World” with Larry W. Dennis, Sr.  In her spare time she enjoys piano and voice, tennis, reading, traveling, and ballet.

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