Rose Barker – Director of Development

Rose Barker is the Director of Development at CAPACES Leadership Institute.  Rose holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Willamette University.

Three skills that are essential to success in this role are,

1) Organization (clear priorities, time management)
2) Critical listening skills (synthesizing information from the community and organization to effectively communicate to the public and to grantors)
3) Excellent writing skills

Rose has previously held positions as a Bilingual elementary school teacher (Both in USA and Ecuador), documentary video journalist, and international volunteer of sustainable appropriate technologies (Mexico City, Mexico).

Rose can also talk to you about,

– Fundraising for nonprofits
– Public and private education, both formal schools and tutoring programs
– International travel and culture acclimation
– Location independent lifestyle
– Entrepreneurial enterprises (I have my own invention and business)

Rose is an avid gardener and outdoors sportswoman. She tremendously value authentic relationships, and an honest conversation is always welcome. She models for fun, and is always interested in dark chocolate.

You can connect with Rose on LinkedIn.

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