US Department of State

We are the US Government’s lead agency for foreign affairs; we promote US policy and protect Americans and American interests around the globe.

With your diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, perspectives and knowledge, and your exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. You can become part of America’s leadership, contributing your innovative thinking and global perspective to support and expand our efforts worldwide.

As a US citizen, you are America. And you can represent America to the world.

Positions Available:

Foreign Service Officer
Foreign Service Specialist
Civil Service

Foreign Service Specialists. There are 19 FS Specialist careers in such diverse fields as IT, engineering, security, financial management, human resources management, medicine and office management.

Foreign Service Generalists. There are five FS Officer/Generalist career tracks:
– Consular Officers assist Americans overseas and manage visa operations.
– Management Officers provide the operations support platform for diplomacy.
– Economic Officers promote economic partnerships, free markets and trade.
– Public Diplomacy Officers explain American values and policies.
– Political Officers analyze and report on political issues.

We have approximately 2,000 unpaid, 10-week internships each year (summer, spring, fall) in the US and worldwide.

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