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Youth Villages is a private non-profit organization for troubled children and families.  Our mission is to help children and families live successfully. We offer nationally recognized services that include, Residential Treatment, Home Based Counseling, Therapeutic Foster Care, Group Homes, a Transitional Living Program, Adoption Services and Specialized Crisis Services.

We offer Tuition and Licensure Reimbursement as well as advancement opportunities after only six months. Youth Villages now serves children and families in over 60 cities across 12 states: TN, AL, MS, AR, NC, GA, FL, MA, NH, IN, OK, OR and Washington D.C. 


Summer Internship
Locations: Memphis, Nashville and Linden, TN

The Internship Program at Youth Villages provides an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience while truly impacting the lives of children and their families.

The internship is 10 weeks long and begins the Tuesday following Memorial Day. Most interns are placed working in our residential centers or group homes. We are accepting applications from upcoming juniors and seniors who are interested in the mental health field and are pursing a degree in the human services field (i.e. sociology, social work, psychology and criminal justice).

Behavioral Youth Counselor
Locations: TN, GA, MA and OR

Behavioral Youth Counselor positions are located in our residential facilities and group homes. The Counselors work with a small group of children on various life skills and training and have a strong desire to meet the needs of young people and will go above and beyond to accomplish this goal. A Behavioral Youth Counselor wears many hats and is very flexible as well as creative. A unique schedule of 4 days on and 3 days off allows these Counselors a great opportunity to really delve into the time they have with the children weekly to get through those tough topics and do some intense therapy, as well as getting the time to relax weekly with a long 3 day weekend.

Master Level Counselor
Locations: TN, MS, AL, MA, and NH

What makes a great Counselor? A great Counselor is committed, outcome driven, strength focused, creative, and flexible. Are these qualities that you possess? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of children and families daily? If so, we have a number of Master level positions located within our Intensive Home-Based, Foster Care, Transitional Living, Residential and Specialized Crisis programs.


Teacher Development Program
Locations: Memphis and Linden, TN

The Teacher Development Program was created to give you the ultimate Youth Villages employment experience, while bridging the gap between college and a teaching career. The program is designed specifically to help you achieve your career goals as an educator while giving you experience teaching and making an impact in the lives of youth.

As a Teaching Assistant through the Teacher Development program, you’ll learn skills to teach a population of youth with severe emotional and behavioral problems in a residential setting and work as part of an education and behavior management team to help youth succeed in the classroom and meet educational goals.


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