Professionals Attending Link In Live

This grid is an at-a-glance list of the 2017 attending professionals.  The categories are general types of positions they hold within a variety of businesses, non-profits, and government. However many of them can talk about a diverse set of related positions, as well.

Learn more about these professionals on the career fair mobile device app!  On the Event Info page, change events to Link-In Live 2017 and click on the Professionals icon at the bottom for a list you can filter, sort, favorite and more.

Name and Job Title/sFinancial Analysis / AccountingSales / Financial Advising
Programs / Strategy / Planning PR / Marketing / Soc. Media / CommTechnology: Software / EngineeringHR / RecruitingEducation / Science & ResearchLaw
Benjamin Cabral - Account Managercheck
Blake Theiss - Recruitercheck
Cate Schneider, Management Analystcheck
Catherine Kirkland - Administrative Law Judge (retired)check
Chris Scheffler - Graduate Teaching Assistantcheck
Dave Graves - Software Engineering Managercheck
Dillon Daniel-Hoffman – Mathematics Teachercheck
Francie King - PR Managercheck
Griffin Grail-Bingham - Manufacturing Techniciancheck
Isaac Ciula - Assistant Controllercheck
Jin Prowse - Sales Operations Managercheck
Josh Sutton - Senior Project Engineercheck
Judiaann Woo – Social Media, Marketing and Brand Strategistcheck
Kathryn Hickok – Non-Profit Director/Publications Directorcheck
Kelly Vanderwal – Program Directorcheck
Kendra Goffredo - Strategy Consultantcheck
Kenneth Mitchell-Phillips - Attorney/ Presidentcheck
Kirk Ohly – Account Managercheck
Koko Hunt - Presidentcheck
Megan Needham - Founder of Needham Educational Consultingcheck
Paulette Selman - School Psychologistcheck
Roger Hodge II – Senior Financial Advice Specialistcheck
Rose Barker – Senior Associatecheck
Zoe Abbott Boyd - Portfolio Analytics Associatecheck